Review Policy

I am currently accepting books for review.

I do not have a preferred genre and while I tend to stick with books from the Adult Fiction category, that does not mean I don’t read the occasional YA or Middle Grade book.
I will not read/review any religious fiction. Other than that, I’m open to anything. If it intrigues me, I will read it – no matter which genre it is or which age category it is intended for.

Books can be ARCs or published works. As I do not own an e-book reader and can only read digital copies on my computer, physical copies would be very much preferred. Not only will a physical copy enhance my reading experience, it will probably also result in faster feedback because reading on a computer gets uncomfortable rather quickly.

At the moment, I can provide a review within 28 days.
All of my reviews will be honest while remaining fair. If I do not enjoy a book, I will explain my reasons in a professional manner. When I get back at you with feedback, it will also never simply be “DNF”, as I try to make a point of finishing every book I read.

Reviews will be published here on the blog and linked to on my instagram as well.
I’m also using a 5 star rating system based on that of goodreads.

Feel free to contact me via the contact form or send me an e-mail at
I’m looking forward to hearing from you!