TTT #6: Characters I’d Name A Child After

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1. Emma Woodhouse

My favorite Jane Austen novel has a wonderful heroine who’s far from perfect, but ultimately lovable. She also has a name that I just love.



2. Fred Weasley

The Weasley twins are just two of the most awesome guys that ever existed. They are so incredibly kind-hearted and loyal. […see 3.]


3. George Weasley

…Not to mention that they are hilarious and can make anyone laugh. If that’s not the sort of people you’d want to name your child after, then I don’t know what is.



4. Elizabeth Bennet

Elizabeth Bennet is strong, intelligent and witty. Of course not even the most beloved Austen heroine is faultless – she’s stubborn, thinks she’s always right and can be impulsive. But she’s also not above admitting fault and learning. If I ever have a daughter with those qualities, I shall be happy.


5. Joe Gargery

Ah, good old Joe. Joe Gargery is only the most humble, down-to-earth, kind man you have ever met. He works hard and he does everything to help those he loves. Joe Gargery is just good.

6. Sara Crewe

Sara Crewe is a little princess and she knows what that means. She doesn’t give up, she doesn’t despair, she’s loyal and kind and stands up for herself and others. Pretty badass if you ask me.


7. George Knightley

Another George, but I assure you it doesn’t have much to do with the name. It has a lot more to do with the fact that Mr. Knightley is probably my favorite Austen man. Despite his wealth and status, he’s really down-to-earth and meets everyone with respect, no matter who they are. He’s also kind and generous. He’s just the kind of guy you can always rely on.


8. Lily Potter

Intelligent, loyal, brave, strong… Good person with a beautiful name. Need I say more?



9. Pippi

I mean… okay… I wouldn’t actually do that, because Pippi is not the best name for a kid in real life I guess. But Pippi Longstocking is just awesome and badass and the best and she deserves to have a child named after her.


10. Steve

I can’t think of any more characters I’d semi-realistically name my child after, so this one is for my boyfriend, who loves Captain America more than he loves me probably 😀 But it’s okay, because Captain America is pretty cool actually.



What books are your favorite fictional characters? Tell me about them in the comments!
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63 thoughts on “TTT #6: Characters I’d Name A Child After

  1. Lily is definitely a nice one! And Steve too. And they’re common enough that people won’t think they’re named after characters right away. I’m not sure I could bear the thought of naming my kids Fred and George after what happened to them… 😦

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  2. Yes, I definitely agree with Fred and George Weasley… I love them! I also like this Top Ten Tuesday idea and I will definitely be checking into the creator’s blog to maybe start doing it on mine as well 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Lizzy Bennet and Sara Crewe are two of my favourite kick-ass fictional female heroines! AWE-some selection! 🙂 And tuts for your boyfriend if he loves Captain America more than he loves you. He’s a cool guy, but come on! 😉

    Liked by 1 person

  4. I can’t believe I forgot Lizzy from Pride and Prejudice. She’s probably my favorite character EVER. I have yet to read any other Austen books and I’ve been putting them off because I’m afraid I won’t love them as much as Pride (which I know it’s not going to be the case, but still). Emma and George sound great ❤ And I love the name Pippi for a pet, because for a child it would be a little strange 😛

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  5. Good job, B&tB for making an AWESOME TTT. This is great. I’m so glad you have three Harry Potter characters and three Austen characters! For some of these, it’s not the name that matters. It’s who you’re naming the kid after. I mean, Pippi is a fantastic character!

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  6. Emma and Eliza! I love those names, and they are my favorite Austen characters. One of the girls I taught last year was an Emma, and she was the most adorable little thing ever. Love your list! 😀

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  7. I can tell you’re a fan of classic names! Good for you. I hate all this fuss about new weird names. Everyone’s gotta be called something extraneous…love your “George” and “Steve!” I’m a Stephanie myself, and I like my name…yes, it’s more common, but I’ll always be able to find a personalized bookmark!

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