Sneak Peek | Birthday Book Haul.

What do you wish for when it’s your birthday? Of course – books, books and more books. 
In my case that usually means more Barnes & Noble Collectibles because I’m just massively in love with them ❤ And I’m a student which means I’m perpetually broke and can’t buy lots of them throughout the year.

I quickly wanted to share my excitement about the new beauties in my bookshelf before I go entertain relatives, so here’s one of them:




I hope you’re all having a lovely day!

30 thoughts on “Sneak Peek | Birthday Book Haul.

  1. Does this mean it’s your birthday today?? If so, happy birthday!!! 😀 All the great people on here seem to have their birthdays this week. I’ll have mine in 2 days! \õ/ Is this part of those vamped classic cover series? I believe I’ve seen some of these before and they’re absolutely gorgeous ❤

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  2. Happy Birthday!!! I adore the color they picked for this collectible. This rendition I haven’t seen at B&N yet, but I now must go hunt it down… excuse me. 🙂

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  3. I adore B&N’s collectible books. They’re all so gorgeous and the store I go to has many of them on sale! I have a gorgeous set of Jane Austen’s books, but this copy of Sense and Sensibility almost makes me forget that I didn’t like it x)

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