Free me from Spam Jail.

It seems I’ve done too much blog hopping and commenting today, because my comments have stopped showing up on people’s blogs (as in they aren’t even showing up as ‘your comment is awaiting moderation’).

And Google apparently thinks I’m a bot now, which is just… what the hell?

So pleeeeease check your spam queue and free me, it would mean a lot.
Thanks ❤

18 thoughts on “Free me from Spam Jail.

  1. Gawd, you’re the fourth person I know of to which this happened now. I had the same issue and it’s just downright stupid because WordPress is all about comments, and then you get flagged for commenting too often? Reminds me I need to check my Gmail spam folder again as well…
    Unless you were trying to sell me batteries, you weren’t in my spam folder btw 😉

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  2. WordPress has not been treating me well at all lately– so I can relate. Yesterday, I was booted out of my account, unable to log back in, and then when I requested password assistance (even thought I KNEW it was the right password), the email never came. So. Yeah. We got your back.

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    • I noticed my comments weren’t showing up on other people’s blogs anymore, not even as “awaiting moderation” as they usually do – nothing. And nobody reacted to my comments which was also weird and then google thought I was a bot as well, so I suspected… 😦


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