Diversity Spotlight #2: September 15th 2016

Diversity Spotlight Thursday is a weekly meme hosted by Aimal @ Bookshelves and Paperbacks. Every week, you come up with one book in each of three different categories:

– a diverse book you have read and enjoyed
– a diverse book on your TBR
– a diverse book that has not yet been released

You can check out Aimal’s announcement post for more information.
Don’t forget to leave a link to your own post in the comments and take some time to check out other people’s posts! πŸ™‚Β 

A diverse book I have read and enjoyed

Motorcycles & Sweetgrass by Drew Hayden TaylorΒ Β goodreads-badge-add-plus_zpsc94610e9

This was actually an assigned reading at uni for me, but I enjoyed it immensely.Β Drew Hayden Taylor is an Ojibway from the Curve Lake First Nations in Ontario and aside from being a writer andΒ traveling around the world to promote Native literature, he’s also a comedian. It all comes together in this novel – Taylor adresses a lot of important and sensitive issues in this book, but he does it with a lot of humor. Motorcycles & Sweetgrass is a truly fantastic piece of literature.
compelling quote:

“”Wise men and women aren’t born wise – wisdom is something achieved over years of experience. And for some, that experience includes — skinny dipping.”


A diverse book on my TBR

Homegoing by Yaa GyasiΒ Β goodreads-badge-add-plus_zpsc94610e9

One of the most anticipated releases this year and the official group read for this week’s #diverseathon (which I’m not participating in due to being busy with too much other stuff already 😦 ).
compelling quote:

“You want to know what weakness is? Weakness is treating someone as though they belong to you. Strength is knowing that everyone belongs to themselves.”


A diverse book that has not yet been released

The Wangs Vs. The World by Jade ChangΒ  Β goodreads-badge-add-plus_zpsc94610e9

Jade Chang’s debut novel is definitely making the rounds on my instagram feed and is also one of “The Millions Most Anticipated Book”.
Expected publication date: OctoberΒ 4th 2016.
compelling synopsis:

“A hilarious debut novel about a wealthy but fractured Chinese immigrant family that had it all, only to lose every last centβ€”and about the road trip they take across America that binds them back together”


Especially with the recent discussion about the need for more diversity in literature, I think this is a brilliant meme. Let’s broaden our horizons together and read more diversely! If you participate in the meme, leave me a link to your post in the comments or just tell me about some diverse book you have read or want to read πŸ™‚


31 thoughts on “Diversity Spotlight #2: September 15th 2016

  1. I’ve been eyeing The Wangs vs. The World for a while now because it was filed under humour and I could really use something light and funny for a change! It also reminds me of the ‘new’ TV series which I forgot the name of but is also a comedy involving a Chinese immigrant family. Maybe they’re even called Wang as well…*strokes chin*

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    • Oh I know what you mean – I’ve seen other memes I’d like to participate in but I also don’t want to post like 5 meme posts a day πŸ˜€ I thought about eventually making some of the memes a biweekly thing for me and alternating between them. For now I’ll stick with the three I’m participating in though and then we’ll see πŸ™‚


  2. Great post. I am really enjoying making discoveries about diverse books. I can’t wait to start reading Homegoing. I don’t know much about the diverseathon, I have just seen it being mentioned around but I was late to join. I will look around and see what others think about the book though.Chang’s book looks pretty great too.

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  3. Ahhhh Homegoing is EVERYWHERE!! ❀ I really really want to read it not only because it's an official read for #DiverseAThon but also because it sound so interesting and unfamiliar to me! I want the paperback but I can't find it so I guess Kindle would have to suffice :') The Wangs Vs. The World has a really pretty cover too! ❀

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  4. Glad to see you’re reading Homegoing and spreading the word for it. It’s on of my favorite books this year! I’ve never heard of Motorcycles & Sweetgrass, so thanks for bringing it to my attention. Oh, and great pick with Jade Chang’s new book. I also have my eye on it. πŸ˜€


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