12 up-and-coming YA reads of 2016 according to Instagram

Scouring the #bookstagram tag on Instagram I’ve noticed quite a few books that pop up again and again.
In this list, I have put together 12 of them that deserve some attention – in other words, I have excluded all books with more than 10,000 ratings on Goodreads.
So if you wonder why Colleen Hoover’s ‘It Ends With Us’, which is clearly a hot topic among bookstagrammers right now, isn’t included – that’s why.

1. A Study in Charlotte by Brittany Cavallaro

The title ‘A Study in Charlotte’ is, obviously, a reference to ‘A Study in Scarlet’ by Arthur Conan Doyle, the novel that introduced Sherlock Holmes to the world.
But this time, in Brittany Cavallaro’s novel, readers are introduced to his great-great-great-granddaughter, Charlotte Holmes.
When Jamie Watson reluctantly accepts his rugby scholarship at Charlotte’s school, it seems that they are better off staying away from each other.
But when the both of them suddenly find themselves being framed for the murder of another student, they have no choice but to get closer and work together.
The next book in this trilogy is expected to come out next year and is titled “The Last of August”.



2. Rebel of the Sands by Alwyn Hamilton

Alwyn Hamilton’s debut novel was already published in March and was featured in @litjoycrate‘s May book box but only recently began to gain momentum among bookstagrammers. It’s really not surprising that this book is spreading on Instagram like wildfire by now given how absolutely gorgeous the cover is 🙂
‘Rebel of the Sands’ is the first novel in a fantasy trilogy centering around Amani, a young girl in a Middle-Eastern desert nation, who has a talent for shooting and wants to escape her dead-end future. Throw a mysterious stranger, whispers of a rebellion and some magic and folklore into the mix and you’re left with ‘Rebel of the Sands’.
The next book in the series is expected to be published next year.



3. Dreamology by Lucy Keating

‘Dreamology’ is a romance novel by Lucy Keating in which dreams and reality forcefully collide when Alice meets the literal boy of her dreams at her new school.
After dreaming about each other for all their lives and loving each other in their dreams, Alice and Max have to find out that finally getting to know each other in real life isn’t quite what they expected and hoped it would be.
Enjoyed Lucy Keating’s debut novel and now you’re hungry for more? Don’t worry, her second novel ‘Literally’ already has a publication date for April 2017 🙂



4. The Unexpected Everything by Morgan Matson

After Morgan Matson’s previous novels, ‘Amy and Roger’s Epic Detour’ and ‘Since you’ve been gone’, ‘The Unexpected Everything’ seems be yet another success.
This one tells the story of Andie, a politician’s daughter, who had her perfect summer all planned out – until a scandal ruins all of her carefully laid plans and she has to make new arrangements. So she takes a mysterious dog-walking job. And meets Clark.



5. The Problem with Forever by Jennifer L. Armentrout

Jennifer L. Armentrout is mostly known for her paranormal fantasy series. But behind this absolutely stunning watercolor cover awaits a classic romance.
Mallory grew up in a nightmare. And survived. But now, after having been homeschooled for years by her adoptive parents, Mallory has to face the challenge of getting through her senior year at a public high school. When she meets Rider there, the only person she could count on in her childhood, it turns out that there might be more than one person struggling to cope with the nightmares of the past.



6. The Crown’s Game by Evelyn Skye

‘The Crown’s Game’ was featured in @mybookishcrate‘s July box and is gaining more and more fans on Instagram.  It is not only Evelyn Skye’s first novel, but also the first in a fantasy series.
The recipe? Russia under threat from abroad, the tsar needing a powerful ally, two enchanters, an ancient duel which will end in death for the loser, moral conflict, friendship and a love triangle that complicates everything.
The second novel in this captivating series will be titled ‘The Crown’s Heir’ and is expected to be published in 2017.



7. This Savage Song by Victoria Schwab

After the success of Victoria Schwabs ‘Shades of Magic’-series and being featured in @owlcrate‘s July box, it is no surprise that ‘This Savage Song’ is taking the bookstagram-community by storm. It is the first novel in Schwab’s new series ‘Monsters of Verity’.
As the title of the series suggests, actual monsters roam the dark world Schwab created for her readers this time. But at least one of them, August, wishes he was human instead and wants to protect the innocent. Kate, on the other hand, wants to protect people only in exchange for money. When August tries to protect Kate and Kate finds out his secret, things get complicated and an attempted assassination forces them to run for their lives.



8. Riverkeep by Martin Stewart

Yet another fantasy novel with a mesmerizing cover that seems to pique bookstagrammers’ curiosity. Riverkeep by Martin Stewart was featured in @litjoycrate‘s July box and centers around Wull, who dreads having to take over his father’s position as Riverkeep after his birthday in one week.
But then his father is pulled under during a recovery operation and emerges possessed by a dark spirit. Now Wull has to take over the dreaded job immediately with the added responsibility of caring for his father.
When he hears of a sea monster that holds the cure for his father in his enormous belly, he starts out on an adventurous journey to find it.



9. P.S. I like you by Kasie West

The fact that @owlcrate featured this cute read in their August box, might have a little something to do with its current popularity.
‘P.S. I Like You’ is a romance novel by Kasie West in which the protagonist, Lily, falls in love with a mysterious pen pal. It all started when she scribbled lines from her favorite songs on her desk during a boring chemistry lesson. When she comes back, she finds that someone  has continued the lyrics and left her a note, as well. So she writes back… and thus begins their intriguing romance.


10. Nevernight by Jay Kristoff

Another August book box featured this first novel in a new fantasy series by Jay Kristoff- @illumicrate.
It tells the story of Mia Corvere, who is hunted by two sides after her father’s rebellion failed and he was executed as a traitor.
Mia just wants vengeance. And when she suddenly finds herself an apprentice to the Red Church, the deadliest assassins in the country, she seems to come closer to getting it. But then a killer on the loose, a plot against the Church and, of course, her own past complicate everything.



11. Swear on this Life by Renée Carlino

‘Swear on this Life’ by Renee Carlino seems to be slowly gaining some momentum in the bookstagram community.
Emiline is an adjunct writing instructor at UC San Diego who’d rather have a thriving career as an author. When she reluctantly reads the bestselling novel of the year, she is far from happy to find that the story of two childhood friends falling in love is based on her own dark childhood. And the author had the audacity to write it from her perspective and change the ending in a way she doesn’t approve of at all. The mysterious author can only be her childhood friend Jase – and she’s going to have to find and confront him if she wants to make peace with it all.



12. A Torch Against the Night by Sabaa Tahir

Last but not least, it looks like ‘A Torch Against the Night’ by Sabaa Tahir is somewhat of the talk of the hour. That might have to do with the fact that it’s only coming out next week, on August 30th.
‘A Torch Against the Night’ is the second novel in the tremendously succesful’An Amber in the Eshes’-series and continues the story of Elias and Laia who are now on the run.
Both are determined to succeed in breaking into the most secure prison of the empire to free Laia’s brother – but everything around them seems to work against them.





Happy reading everyone!

Are there any other books you can think of that should be on this list?
Have you read any of the books listed here? Let me in the comments what you thought of them!

— Thanks to all the lovely people who let me embed their gorgeous photos! ❤ —
— As for those I didn’t get a reply from until now, if your post is embedded here and you want me to take it down, just leave a comment. Otherwise thank you very much ❤ —


4 thoughts on “12 up-and-coming YA reads of 2016 according to Instagram

  1. I have Nevernight but haven’t gotten around to starting it yet. It got a lot of buzz from July on though. And Riverkeep has been getting a lot of buzz for a few months now. The cover is really gorgeous. One I keep seeing on my feed also is Sleeping Giants. I’m really curious about that one as a result as well.

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